In the Shade of Light (A La Sombra De La Luz)

In a small town, the apparent calm of the days is interfered by an omnipresent industry, which reflects a universal theme: power. Its inhabitants live among the wires, the hundreds of pylons and thermoelectric power plants that operate the machinery of an unequal system.

National Coproduction:

Directors: Isabel Reyes & Ignacia Merino (Dos Be Producciones)
Year: 2023
Stage: Postproduction
María José Díaz (Galgo Storytelling)
Francisca Barraza (Funky Films) 

Tu Misterio, Rulo

Director: Francisca Silva
Producer: María José Díaz
Screenplay: Francisca Silva y Rulo- David Eidelstein Direction and Content Assistant: Fernanda Altamirano
DOP: Mauricio Rudolphy
Art Director: Ángela Torti
Choreographer: Gonzalo Morales
Production Assistant: Francisca Espinoza

Pájaro Vagabundo, Rulo

Video made from the collages by the artist Mauricio Garrido /
Art Direction, Animation
and Character Design: Juan Saez /
Director: Francisca Silva
Screenplay: David Eidelstein, Francisca Silva, Juan Saez
Photography: Gabriel Renié
Makeup: Gemma Canessa