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Mixed Reality Series  
Director: Francisca Silva  
Producer: María José Díaz
3 x 5’
5 x 10’
2 x 45’

"Knowing your nature" is a virtual trail of 10 episodes, which places the user in the middle of the native forests of southern Chile. As the user travels through it, they will find 10 experiences that lead to different magical places. Each of them invites you to train your mind with mindfulness exercises, appreciating the correspondences between their own internal states and the natural environment.

This experience of mixed reality and meditation, invites to connect with the richness of the forest to return to the present moment and to have a positive impact on the mental health of the user.



Directed by:
Francisca Silva 

Executive Producers:
María José Díaz, Antoine Cayrol (Atlas V)

Key Collaborator & Script Advisor:
Simón Guendelman